12 The Must Have WordPress Plugins When Start A Blog

It is well-known that the best from WordPress as blogging platform is that there are so many WordPress Plugin which offers so many functions. It means that we no need any coding knowledge to get useful function at our WordPress blog – just need to install the needed WordPress plugin. However, unfortunately, with so many choices, it is surely needed time to find the best WordPress plugin for your blog – especially if you just start a blog. You are surely not familiar yet with WordPress world (included WordPress Plugin) which means that you need a guidance for sure.

12 The Must Have WordPress Plugins When Start A Blog

Therefore, I try to help you here by sharing twelve a must have WordPress plugin when start a new blog:

#1. After The Deadline

After The Deadline is a grammar checker and more WordPress plugin. This plugin will be very useful for non-native English bloggers as like me. This plugin does not only check the simple grammar form but also able to check the complex one such as cliché, passive phrase, hidden words, and so on.

#2. Akismet

Akismet is an anti-spam WordPress plugin that created by WordPress creator itself, the Automatic. Akismet help WordPress users to filter the spam comments at the comment form. This plugin is surely a big help to save our time regarding to spam blocking.

#3. CommentLuv

Comment Luv is a commenting WordPress plugin. Comment Luv helps WordPress bloggers to create more interactive comment form. By using this plugin, each commentators can leave their newest post link at their comment which is a great way to advert their blog post.

#4. Executable PHP Widget

Executable PHP Widget is a PHP allowing WordPress plugin. Executable PHP Widget allows us to use PHP code via a widget freely. This plugin is surely a big help if we want to execute the PHP code directly at our blog widget. For me, I use it to execute the OIO Publisher PHP code.

#5. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is a search engine sitemaps WordPress plugin. Google XML Sitemaps helps to create a guidance for search engine so our WordPress blog is indexed as our needs. This plugin supports the sitemaps creation for Google search engine, Yahoo search engine, Bing search engine, and Ask search engine.

#6. Gurken Subscribe To Comments

Gurken Subscribe To Comments is a commenting WordPress plugin as like Comment Luv. Gurkent Subscribe To Comments is a plugin that provides a tool to notify the commentators each time there is a new comment at their subscribed commenting. This plugin is surely a big help to keep a good discussion at WordPress comment form.

#7. Platinum SEO Pack

Platinum SEO Pack is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) WordPress plugin. Platinum SEO Pack help to make our blog become SEO friendly so can get optimum traffic from search engine – especially from the giant Google search engine. This plugin is claimed as the more complete version of the most well-known SEO WordPress plugin, All In One SEO Pack.

#8. SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2

SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) WordPress plugin. SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 creates the interlinking between the proven search engine keywords and our blog posts. This interlinking process is done automatically. This plugin is a big help to improve search engine traffic.

#9. Digg Digg

Digg Digg is a social networking WordPress plugin. Digg Digg helps us to easily integrate the popular social networking buttons into our WordPress blog. There is a lot of options available for this plugin such as classic placement, Ajax floating Style, and Lazy loading style. The social networking buttons choice is also quite complete.

#10. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a caching WordPress plugin. W3 Total Cache helps to improve our blog load time by caching almost the entire data such as html code, blog content, database, etc. This plugin is surely a big help for WordPress bloggers who use the shared web hosting service for their blog. It is because this plugin will help to reduce blog resources usage.

#11. WordPress.com Stats

WordPress.com Stats is a statistic WordPress plugin that created by the WordPress creator, Automatic. WordPress.com Stats provides the quick-snap of our blog statistic such as visitors number, search engine visitors (including the keyword that used), most popular post, etc. The needed resources is quite low since the calculating is done at the WordPress.com server.

#12. WordPress Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts is a related posts WordPress plugin. WordPress Related Posts helps to create a related posts list by using the WordPress tag. This plugin is a perfect replacement for YARRP which needed heavy resources. A related post list is important since it can reduce the bounce rate as well as produce on-page SEO.

Final Words

The WordPress plugin choosing is a hard task sometimes since there are so many WordPress plugins available on the net. It is surely needed a guidance to choose the best available WordPress plugins. Therefore I shared twelve of a must have WordPress plugins when start a blog so can help you to start a new blog properly. This list is surely a big help for those in initiating to start their own WordPress blog. However I still need help from you since I may miss some other useful WordPress plugins. Please mention it via the comment form.